How virtual tours are transforming the wedding venue industry

matterport virtual tour for wedding venue

The average cost of wedding in the UK is a staggering £27k! The majority of which is spent on hiring out out the perfect venue for the ceremony and reception, and venues across the UK are cashing in. Old barns are being converted into luxury halls, hotels are changing their focus to accommodate for larger and more extravagant weddings and brand new buildings are being purpose-built to host the perfect day.

Stand out from the crowd

With so many places to choose from, businesses are looking for new and innovative ways to market themselves to stand out from the rest. Most are listing themselves on popular wedding venue sites such as Hitched and Confetti. Although these websites are fantastic at what they do, the venues themselves are still showcased in the standard photo gallery and at best a video.

What if brides to be could experience a venue in all its glory without having to leave the comfort of her home? What if a couple could be immersed in a venue and experience walking down the Aisle and waiting at the altar without having to physically go there?

Well now they can with Telescope Virtual Tours. Using the latest state of the art Matterport 3D mapping technology, Telescope can build a 3D model of your venue that couples can explore on their laptop, mobile or VR Headset. It almost sounds too good to be true right?

Benefits – everyones a winner

The advantages for the the bride and groom are endless. The amount of time they would save driving around from place to place could be counted in days if not weeks. Time they could spend on other important tasks eg: choosing the guest list, we all know how long that takes! Couples could create a shortlist of the most suitable venues to visit and save wasted journeys visiting miss-sold venues. All that plus it’s quite fun being able explore a venue without a chaperone!

Advantages for the venue are even greater. They can show exactly how they want their venue to look and feel, giving a true representation of their property. This alone will save hours of wasted time, and wages, showing around uninterested people. You will know that having viewed your tour, they are serious and much more likely to make a booking.

Venues can highlight their key features such as the beautiful ceremony room, reception and entrainment areas and even the perfect photo opportunity. These can be supported by interactive tags placed around the tour showing key information, extra images and even videos of previous weddings. Tours can be embedded onto a website as easily as a Youtube video or even shared on social media.

Where can I get this?

If you’re a venue, this almost sounds too good to be true. Well, Telescope by Planet Amazing are making your dreams come true by offering fully immersive and interactive 3D virtual tours of wedding venues. And its not as expensive as you might think. With prices starting from as little as £800 for a small venue, Telescope can showcase your venue in a new light, attracting more, and the right, prospective clients to book a wedding.

Visit to experience a tour and see what all the fuss is about. You wont be disappointed.

Case Study – The Message, a Manchester wedding venue



Sam Hawthorne at The Message said: “The team at Telescope did a fantastic job on our virtual tour. We are really impressed with the end product and it has already become the perfect tool for potential clients to see exactly how our space looks when dressed for a wedding. We will showcase the tour on our website and as part of our marketing package to increase bookings for the Message Enterprise Centre.”

If you are a wedding venue looking to get a Matterport 3D tour then contact Telescope for more details…