Virtual tours for student accommodation providers

Student digs. We all remember them well. Some of us had great accommodation and some not so great but there is one thing we all remember, and that was the excitement of moving into your own place and exploring a new city with that student loan burning a hole in your pocket.

Student accommodation is big business in the UK. In Greater Manchester alone there are almost 350,000 students and all needing somewhere to live. Much like the standard rental industry, student accommodation has traditionally been marketed to prospective tenants just like any other city apartment block, a photo gallery of the rooms, a couple of photos of the recreation areas and maybe some of the local area. From looking at the 10 largest student living companies in the UK, one thing is clear. They are trying to reach out to the younger audience, connect with them and win business but not yet making use of the latest technology with which their customers are so used to.

3D virtual tours are one of the latest ways in which a customer can explore a property without the need to be there in person. This is especially helpful for international students who won’t be able to make a first time viewing.

The Matterport 3D tours allow the user to navigate the buildings and go in and out of rooms as if you would in real life. Students can explore what will be their home for the next year; find out where the pool tables or comfy sofas are. Matterport 3D virtual tours are a tried and tested product in the housing sector and help push sales by allowing customers to make informed decisions and at the same time saving the accommodation companies money by cutting down on unsuccessful viewings. The tours make an incredible addition to a marketing campaign as they can be embedded onto a website with ease or even shared on social media.

Where can I get this?

Telescope in Manchester are a registered Matterport Service Provider and already creating virtual tours for some of the UK’s largest housing companies. Producing a tour is not as expensive as you might think. With prices starting from as little as £500 for a 3 bedroom apartment, Telescope can showcase your living spaces in a new light, attracting more, and the right, prospective tenants to book.

Visit to experience a tour and see what all the fuss is about. You wont be disappointed.

If you are a student accommodation provider looking to get a Matterport 3D tour then please contact Telescope for more details…