2018 Marketing Trends – 3D Virtual Tours

2018 will see an unprecedented saturation of marketing channels across every industry as businesses look to stand out from their competition. With so many marketing channels now available and with every business fighting to get ahead, marketers are having to think outside the box and come up with innovative ways to showcase their offering.

A 3D game changer

A growing new trend that’s changing the game for forward thinking marketers is having a 3D virtual, walk-around tour of their property. Whether it be a wedding venue, bar or restaurant to promote, or a new home they are looking to sell, this new technology is increasing conversions and giving their businesses the edge.


Bring your property to life

  • Increase conversions – Giving clients the opportunity to virtually view your property before a visit can persuade them to convert
  • Promote keys features with interactive tags – Highlight your most valuable features with annotations and video clips to give your customers an insight into what you do
  • Save time on viewings – Save valuable staff time & only show around genuinely interested customers and clients
  • Embed in your website – Embed the fully working tour on your website and direct potential customers there for a fully immersive experience

Stopping the scroll

Social media is now a key marketing force but with every business posting high quality content every day, how can one brand create a buzz amongst the fuzz? Simon Crossley, Creative Director at Telescope 3D Tours says: “Its about creating something interactive that people can experience. Giving them a reason to ‘stop their scroll’, immersing them in something new & exciting which imprints your brand in the forefront of their minds.”

Everyone loves a competition

A unique way of inviting someone to view your tour is to subtlety place unique content within space and ask the viewer to search for it, in exchange for a voucher or offer code for your business. Almost like a virtual treasure hunt with the added bonus of giving them a reason to visit in the real world. Used in conjunction with a social media campaign, this is a great way of enticing customers to view your tour, and explore your brand.

Matterport 3D showcase on ipad

Pushing the boundaries

The UK’s leading Matterport Service Provider, Telescope, are really pushing the boundaries with the 3D technology by applying them to multiple industry’s, who are utilising them as powerful marketing tools. In the USA, real estate is the biggest industry to get involved so far but with so many opportunities to engage an audience, other sectors are throwing open their doors and inviting people in.

Andy Cadwallader, Creative Director at Telescope says: “The possibilities really are endless with our virtual tours. Businesses are starting to realise the potential that they have to attract new customers to their business across several industries from hotels, bars and restaurants, to home builders, and they can even be used for mock up situations for training purposes.”

The future

Will it be the case that businesses will start to lose out if they don’t have a virtual tour of their property? Will people only visit a venue if they have already seen and experienced it in the virtual world. These are some of the questions business are asking themselves as they look to take 2018 and beyond by storm.

Watch this space…

If you are interested in having a Matterport 3D virtual tour produced then contact Telescope for more details…