Virtual tours for Rightmove – generate more interest in your property

virtual tours for rightmove

It’s well known that property listings perform better with more photographs but Rightmove say that listings with virtual tours get up to 50% more interest. (RM property guide). We know from some of our own case studies that Matterport 3D virtual tours can get hundreds, if not thousands of visits. One particular tour we produced was posted on Facebook and received almost 1500 unique views in less than a month. It would be totally unfeasible to arrange that many viewings in real life. If only a handful of those viewers went on to take a real life viewing, you can be sure they’ll have done their research and would be a well qualified lead.

Whilst producing virtual tours up and down the UK for both estate agents and new build property developers, we’ve seen first hand the way in which they work to enhance the sales and marketing for a company but more importantly the way they improve a customer’s buying experience.

Rightmove, the UK’s leading property sales and rental website has the functionality to link a Matterport 3D virtual tour on a property listing. It appears in the ‘virtual tour’ tab at the bottom of the property listing. Here are some styles that are popular on their website.

New-build show home virtual tours

These usually comprise of a full tour with photography, the properties tend to be dressed and have all fixtures and fittings installed. The show homes are generally looking to wow the customer and showcase the best spec available. Here’s one we produced recently for Persimmon Homes.

Pre-owned property sales or rental virtual tours

These tours are usually commissioned by estate agents and can vary from property to property. We can never be sure of what the property will be like but we usually advise for all lighting to be on and rooms to be cleared of clutter. This style of virtual tour is very cost effective, it might not show off the best in interior design but would certainly give a buyer a better feel for room size and general condition of the property helping them make a much more informed purchase than perhaps a photo gallery would. We also find that customer’s who have these tours produced have real viewers that are far more interested and serious about the purchase or rental. This is a recent example of ours.

Buy-to-let and rental apartment portfolios

Quite often buy-to-let companies will capture their show apartments and use the tours to sell the rest of the same style apartments within the building. Similar to the new build show homes however these tours get a lot of interest from overseas investors who may never actually see the apartments they buy. Giving them full access to every inch of the property, you can see why this is a popular choice. Here is a recent buy-to-let rental property we’ve captured.


If you are a property developer, estate agent or seller looking to use Matterport 3D tours then contact Telescope for more details…