What is a Matterport virtual tour?

Telescope by Planet Amazing is one of the first companies in the North to be offering affordable, super high-quality 3D immersive virtual tours in Manchester and surrounding cities. Unlike video and 360° panoramas, 3D virtual tours allow your customers to freely explore every area of a property as if they were actually there in real life.

The latest in 3D photography

Virtual tours have historically been produced by taking 360° panoramic photos and stitching them together or creating a video using 2D photography. What makes this product different is that we are using Matterport’s pro 3D camera to scan the building and produce a 3D model. 

We scan a space from various points which build the shape of the model. The camera takes super high resolution 4K photos which are mapped over the 3D space. As we move from room to room scanning we create a seamless, immersive walk-though. For large spaces, there can often be hundreds of scan points. The tours are produced in real life property, please note, they are not CGI or 3D concepts. 

3D view of room
Plan view of 3d virtual tour

A closer look at your surroundings

We can add interaction to your tour in the form of pins. As your customer explores your venue, you can highlight key features. This works well for products within a retail showroom and exceptionally well for home sellers who want to show-off the features of a new home. 

Immerse yourself

Your customers won’t need any special equipment to be able to view your venue. The tour works incredibly well on all devices including mobile. Your virtual tour can be embedded onto your website just like a Youtube video.

Matterport is compatible with many VR headsets and although the virtual tours are amazing using VR, we must point out that it is not essential for your customers to have such equipment.

view your 3d virtual tour on desktop mobile VR devices

Four simple steps to your virtual tour

360 degree 3D virtual tour photography in Manchester

Step 1 – Consultation

Every building is unique in it’s own way, so we like to either arrange a visit or see some photographs to ensure a 3D virtual tour is possible and also to find out more about what you would like to us to cover. It’s helpful to know why you are doing a tour? We’ll create a plan of action with you and book in your image capture session.

360 3D camera for virtual tour photography in Manchester

Step 2 – Image capture day

With our camera, we’ll scan the building to create a 3D model. At the same time it will also capture 4K quality high resolution photos and overlay the photos onto the 3D map in which we create. We have to complete many sweeps of a room from different angles to ensure we create a seamless walk-around.

annotations on virtual tour

Step 3 – Post production

Once we’ve visited your property to capture the imagery we then need to process your tour. At this stage we can also add interactive tabs to highlight the best features of your space to viewers as they explore your property. We can add web links and phone numbers too. 

Virtual tour on mobile and desktop device

Step 4 – Showcase your tour

Once the tour has been produced, just like a Youtube video, you can embed it onto your website, app or presentation. The tour is displayed in a player which allows you to switch floors, view plan, 3D view or simply walk around your venue.