3D Virtual tour of your exhibition or trade show

Give your businesses and clients enhanced visibility by displaying their exhibition stand in the virtual world.

The most immersive way to experience a space

Showcase the best stands available at your trade show

Explore the floor

Prospective customers will have the freedom to stroll around your exhibitors stands, view their offerings and make informed decisions about who they contact.

Each stand can host key client info such as video introductions, contact details and links to their website.

3D Virtual tours of trade shows
Interactive trade show tour

Your interactive event never closes

Your trade show is now a global event with customers everywhere being able to explore your clients exhibitions.

Now instead of your show only lasting a few days, it can exist for the whole year in the virtual world. Those customers who get carried away talking shop with someone and can’t remember the name of their business will be able to revisit the show at any time and make that all important contact.

Sell expo stands with ease

Your potential exhibitors can now choose the perfect stand by viewing previous virtual tours and highlighting their preferred locations.

You can add featured and premium locations or group together areas of the show for different niches. The opportunities are endless with a Telescope 3D tour.

create a virtual tour and floor plan of your expo

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