Use 3D tours to create simulated training environments

3D virtual tours are an ideal solution to creating a mock-up training environment or simulation that can be used anywhere. They are cost effective and can be packed with interactive, informative tags. Virtual reality training environments are now a popular way to teach health & safety in the work place, train staff on creating the perfect store layout or even train emergency services personal on spotting hazards.

Retail training – store mock-up

3D virtual tours can be used to map out a supermarket or other retail outlet. The finished tour would then be used as a training simulator to demonstrate an ideal store layout, product display and customer experience as the trainee navigates around the shop. Leading supermarket chains are now using virtual reality technology as it is cost effective and causes less disruption to an operating shop floor.

retail supermarket virtual reality training environment
safety environment training virtual reality

Risk assessment & hazard awareness

3D virtual tours can be used to create mock-up situations such as a home full of fire hazards. Virtual reality training is fast becoming commonplace with the likes of the emergency services, construction or health & safety in the workplace training. The Matterport player allows for annotated marker pins to be switched on or off. This makes an ideal ‘spot the hazard’ test environment with optional answers and informative videos that can be switched on afterwards.

The Matterport player allows 3D training environments to be viewed on mobile, desktop, tablet and also with virtual reality goggles for a truly realistic experience.

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